Top 10 Best Websites For Internet Marketing

top 10 best websitesMany marketers have their own list of top 10 best websites. We all have different opinions and this is what makes these lists so damn popular.

We all want to know what other people’s opinions are so that we’ll hopefully find some nuggets of information that we haven’t heard of or forgotten about.

In this post, I’m going to reveal my top 10 best websites for internet marketing.

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time but just didn’t get round to it. I’ve had the information in my head and bookmarks for quite a while but it keeps changing. My top 10 best websites is practically different every few weeks 🙂

Anyway, I hope you haven’t heard a lot of these websites so that you can visit them and learn something.

Oh by the way, here’s a disclaimer. A lot of these websites are not well-known (at least in the Internet marketing niche). What interests me may not interest you. But all the websites are still related to Internet marketing.

It’s my list anyway, so I can put what I want 🙂

If you want to do the same…get your own blog.

Let’s dive in to my…

Top 10 Best Websites For Internet Marketing

10. The Michel Fortin Blog –

Michel is a legendary copywriter who has written some ass-kicking salescopy in the Internet marketing niche. He’s written for Internet marketing giants such as John Reese, Frank Kern and myself…lol.

Yes, that’s right! I managed to hire Michel before he was got really well-known. He wrote a long salesletter and squeeze page for me. I could afford his fees back then.

In his blog, Michel reveals a lot of solid marketing information and you can learn from his style of writing.

If you want to know about writing, sales conversion, email marketing and tools, then you’ll be able to find a lot these goodies by searching on his blog.

Tip: His free reports on the blog are well worth downloading.


9. TheTruthAboutAbs –

My recommendation for no. 9 of the top 10 best websites for internet marketing is one of the most successful Clickbank products ever. We’re talking about millions of dollars of sales here.

Whenever I create a new product, improve an existing one or write marketing material, I regularly check out The Truth About Abs for ideas. I mean, you can’t go wrong right?

If you want to implement an affiliate program, then I would highly recommend you to join The Truth About Abs affiliate program.

Take a look at how Mike Geary (the owner) treats his affiliates and how he leads people to his salesletters.

The guy has done a lot of testing and you can see the progression of this website using the WayBackMachine at

Since you know that this Clickbank product is very successful and affiliates are promoting the hell out of it, it makes sense to study it.


8. Kim Roach –

Kim is an Internet marketer that I have a lot of respect for. She’s down to earth and doesn’t hype her products or services.

Check out her blog often as she focuses on sharing traffic generation tips. Which is of course, very important if you want to make money online.

You’ll notice with Kim’s posts, that she tries to WOW her readers with many of her posts. In another words, it’s packed with linkbaits.

This is good news for us because she offers a ton of information which we can use.

Check out her recent post 21 Steps To 1,000 Visitors Per Day. Would you give content away like that for free on your blog?


7. Internet Marketing News Watch –

If you’re in the make money online/internet marketing niche to create products, then you would definitely want to check out IM News Watch regularly.

This will help you keep a pulse on the market and know what other marketers are promoting. This is a good way to save you from reading a lot of emails from marketers. Just read IM News Watch to know quickly see what your market is currently selling.

Apart from reading the Internet marketing news, you can also use IM News Watch to submit your own news, blog posts etc… to gain more exposure for your business.


6. Warrior Forum –

This is the busiest Internet marketing forum on the planet. However, finding good information is very hard. There are many people pretending to be experts there and offer advice which they haven’t used themselves.

This is a valuable place for newbies to get their hands dirty without spending a lot of money buying products. In time, you’ll realize who speaks honestly and who speaks out their rear end.

Some of the best ways to use this forum is to:

– outsource Internet marketing tasks to other freelancers who charge reasonable prices

– build relationships with other marketers

– sell a product on the forum’s marketplace (called WSO).

The cool thing about the WSO section is that if you have a valuable product, you can sell it cheaply there and get a ton of targeted buyers.

Some WSOs have attracted hundreds and even thousands of buyers within a short amount of time.

If you think you have a cool product that will sell you can test it on the WSO first.


5. JV Notify Pro –

If you want to establish yourself as an expert and make money online then you’ll definitely need to create your own product in the Internet marketing niche sometime in the future.

When you do get around to creating your own product, the best place to launch it would be on JV Notify Pro.

This website is run by Mike Merz, who is a very nice, approachable guy. This is why he’s probably the most famous JV Broker in the Internet marketing niche.

In JV Notify Pro, you can build a relationship with other marketers/product launchers in the forum. When it comes to launching your product, you can leverage off your relationships to give your product launch a huge boost.

Mike Merz will also help you with your product launch as well by contacting his friends to help mail for you. This is a very valuable forum which you can learn from other marketers and use it to launch your own business.

Fully deserves a place in the top 10 best websites for internet marketing.


4. Marketing Experiments –

This is a website that will occupy a lot of your time. You’ve heard about Internet marketers shout about how important it is to test your website and emails to improve conversions. Well they’re right.

But testing takes a lot of time especially if you’re not able to generate a lot of traffic.

Marketing Experiments provides a lot of case studies on the tests they’ve conducted and how it affected the conversion rates.

With this practical information, you can learn a lot about how people think and what you can apply to your own websites. You still need to test your webpages, but you’re testing from a very good starting point.

This is one of the websites I regularly check out and it’s free. I highly recommend you to sign up to their newsletter and get notified of when they have a new experiment.


3. Doberman Dan –

This guy’s real name is Dan Gallapoo but he calls himself Doberman Dan because it’s easier to remember. Smart bloke!

Dan is a student of Gary Halbert (very famous Copywriter) and has worked with him side by side for a year and a half. He learned a lot from Gary and has managed to start several successful businesses for himself.

Dan is a very down to earth guy and doesn’t teach about the latest Internet marketing craze or shiny bright object. What he teaches are proven marketing methods and ideas which make money.

You need to be on his email list as he writes excellent emails that has high CTR. I’m a subscriber to his paid newsletter and I’m finding it very valuable. I like Dan’s teachings because he’s been there and done that. He doesn’t feed you with bullshit and genuinely wants you to succeed. Get on his newsletter ASAP.


2. Social Triggers –

This website will really make you wonder why you’re paying for a lot of the Internet marketing products out there. The information on the blog is free and it’s awesome.

This is a solid entrance for the top 10 best websites for internet marketing.

Here are some of the posts you should check out:

How To Attract and Influence People on Twitter –

Ultimate Guide To Increasing Blog Conversions

Also take a note of the website’s layout. It’s very clean and comfortable to read. Awesome blog.

When I first came across this blog, I was sucked in right away. I liked the design and the title of the posts were very intriguing.

Loved it!



This website sells a package of tools to build and test your landing pages. I’ve not tried their product which is why I can’t recommend it.

However, you need to read their blog. It’s got amazing content. The posts from the owner Oli Gardner and from his guest posts are well worth reading.

One of the guest posts is by Kristi Hines which you can check out here:

If you want to read about how to improve your conversions then that post alone will take you at least week to go through…possibly more.

She gives a lot of links which you can read deeper into and it becomes a home study course by itself. It’s hard to believe that it’s a guest post!

I just stumbled across this website recently and was amazed with the quality of the posts which is why it’s currently my no. 1 favorite.


Conclusion for Top 10 Best Websites For Internet Marketing

So how did I rank the Top 10 Best Websites For Internet Marketing?

I based it on the quality of information a website provided, the layout of the site and how much it entertained me.

Yes….Content is still the most important thing!

If you’re creating a website or a blog to build an audience, then these top 10 best websites will give you a good picture of what makes a site sticky.

There are a lot more sites that I like which didn’t made it on my list of top 10 best websites. It doesn’t mean they’re not as good. It’s just that at the time of writing, these are my current favorite ones.

If I were to write a similar post in 2 months’ time, I’m sure the list will change by at least 40%.

What this tells you is that even when you’re ahead of the pack, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be there for long. This is why Google and Facebook always update their tools and introduce new features.

I’m sure that all the top 10 best websites for internet marketing won’t have the same content or same services in a year’s time. There must be something new and exciting to make their audience stick with them.

If you would like to recommend any websites that you is worthy to be mentioned, please comment below.

Photo Credit: Sam Churchill



  1. Awesome List here Alan!!

    Thanks so much for listing 🙂

    I really appreciate it.

    I love raising the value bar!

    I’m a HUGE fan of as well.



    • Thanks for dropping by Kim. Amazing info. you’re putting out. Definitely a marketer to follow!

  2. Hi Alan,

    This list has to be helpful for people interested in internet marketing. By the way, congratulations on your guest post at Ana Hoffman’s blog. She is at the top and I primarily listen to her about traffic generation. I’m not an expert on traffic generation, I’m more of a writer. But I still need to find ways to get traffic to my blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


  3. Thanks Alan,

    These websites are really worth their sort. I know Warrior Foprum quite well and a bit about one or two others.

    There are so many places where information, real information can be gotten but people are always too “BUSY” to check them out.
    Thanks for the post.

    • Hey Emmanuel,

      You’re right. We are too “BUSY” to check out some information. We’re continuously chasing for new stuff that will stimulate our brain.

      That’s why I said that in a few month’s time, this top 10 list may be very different.

  4. thanks Allan,

    I never heard of them, I have to put a side of my time to check them out,

    thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Alan,

    I believe content is important. And of equal importance is the visual effect of the blog…how pleasing it is to the eye and how organized is the content, as well as engaging your readers with calls to action. Thank you for providing this vast group of resources. I must visit these blogs and get to know them better.

    • Thanks Leigh. These blogs are addictive. Hours and hours of reading.

  6. Thanks Alan, I will have to put aside some time to look at these sites. I never heard of them.

    • That’s cool. I hope they don’t take too much of your time 🙂

  7. Thank you Alan! I am a regular with Kim Roach but the others I will have to check out!

    This is a great list for those new to online marketing to know where to go for the best information.

    • Hi Rachael,

      Yeah Kim Roach is indeed a good marketer to follow.
      Hope you like the rest of the recommendations too!


  8. Hi Alan, thank you for sharing your favorite top 10 best website for IM. I believe that CONTENT is the KING but the layout is also determining factor. None want to visit the website with confusing layout.

    • Viviana,

      I’ve had great fun listing these websites. Glad you see value in them.



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