How To Make Money Online With Blogs

How To Make Money Online With Blogs

make money onlineMake money online now requires the use of blogs more than ever. This technique is favored in many internet marketing forum discussions and newsletters. If you haven’t setup a blog yet to make money online, then you need to…NOW.

Posting to your own blog is not optional anymore. Blogs are proven to rank high in search engines and have sticky visitors (people who re-visit your website looking for content).

Creating a blog is easy. However, making money online with it, is another story. Here’s what you need to know and do.

1. Your blog requires continuous attention.

You need to post daily. Stick with this rule. Once you miss a few days of posts, you’ll lose the rhythm to post daily. I’ve done this myself. After 3 or more days of not posting, you’ll say to yourself “what the hell” and then neglect it.

Look at it this way, if you visit a blog with good information you’ll return later on to see what new content there are. But if you visited a blog and the last updated date was like 4 months ago what would you do? Yes, you won’t return there again because consciously you’ll know there’s not much chance it’ll be updated the next you visit either.

Posting regularly to your blog has 3 effects:

– new visitors seeing your website for the first time are more likely to bookmark your blog if they see that new content has been posted daily for the past few months.

– you have more and more content everyday on the internet. This means you’ll have more and more of a chance of getting found when people search on the internet

– you’ll attract regular readers to your blog who’ll read your posts several times a week. If you monetize your blog with ads and [tag-tec]recommend affiliate programs[/tag-tec], you’ll have more chance of earning money from them.

Remember that a stale blog means a forgotten blog that no one will visit. The points above are the reasons why I advise people to blog daily. Once you get into the habit, it’s an easy task.

2. Avoid the lonely feel

There are many times when writing for your blog, you’ll feel lonely. You start to wonder that no one’s reading your blog posting apart from you. You wonder why the hell you’re doing this and then you’ll finally decide that [tag-tec]blogging[/tag-tec] does not work and it’s totally sucks big time.

Search on the internet and try to find proof that blogging does not work. You’ll occasionally find the negative posts from people who have given up, but you’ll find a lot more information from people who’ll argue why it hasn’t worked for certain people.

Blogging is not something that will give you results instantly. Read that sentence again. Knowing this will motivate you to blog and stick with it. Say to yourself, I’ll reap the rewards in a few months time.

wordpress plugins

3. Install plugins

You must install plugins on your blog. I advise using the WordPress platform from for your blog. There are many plugins available which you can use to install on your blog. You need to find out and do some research on which ones will be useful for your particular case.

Plugins have all sorts of functions such as help you to rank better on the search engines, attract returning visitors and distribute your content to social bookmarking sites etc…

Here’s a short list of plugins which are mandatory to install on your blog:

– StatPress (

Enables you to see statistics on visitors to your blog and also pages on your blog. It’s essential to install StatPress so that you know where your web traffic is coming from and which part of your blog is attracting the visitors.

– All In One SEO Pack (

Optimizes your blog for search engines which means helping you to rank higher and get more targeted visitors. All bloggers hope to have their blog postings found on the search engines and this plugin will help you do that.

– Google XML Sitemaps (

Creates a Google XML sitemap of your blog which is supported by several search engines including and Another essential tool so that your posts are easily found in the search engines.

– Askimet (

Captures spam comments on your blogs. This will save you a considerable amount of time dealing with spam so that you can concentrate more on working on your blog.

– Subscribe To Comments 2.1 (

When your readers post comments to your blog, they can check a box so that they are notified by email if someone has added more comments to the particular blog posting.

This plugin will attract returning visitors and can generate many comments from people to your posts.

– Simple Tags (

Enable you to create Technorati tags at the bottom of your posts. This will help you generate more traffic from Technorati and rank higher with them.

– Related Posts (

Shows related posts under the post which your reader is currently reading. This will attract them to stay longer on your blog and easier for them to find what they want. Very effective and should be used when your blog has many posts.

– Onlywire Autosubmit (

Uses the service of Onlywire to submit your new posts to over 20 social bookmark websites. Excellent plugin for generating traffic to your blog.

– Google Analyticator (

Enable Google Analytics to start logging your blog. Use this plugin with StatPress to monitor the activities of your blog. A great tracking and statistics tool.

– Sociable (

Adds social bookmarking site links to the end of your posts so that readers can use them when they see a great post on your blog. This is an opportunity for more traffic to your blog

– Lucia’s Linky Love (Download plugin )

When people post comments on your blog there is a “no follow” tag placed next to it. This means that they get no benefits with regards to their search engine rankings when they post to your website.

The purpose is to eliminate spam comments. Lucia’s Linky Love plugin removes the tag so that people are benefited when they make comments. People will look for blogs to post comments that have the ‘no follow’ tag removed.

Spam is also handled because the commenter needs to make a minimum number of comments. This plugin will get you many visitors and commenters.

– What Would Seth Godin Do (

Asks your visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed. A good plugin as you can set the message to disappear after the visitor returns 3 times. Increase your RSS feed subscribers using this plugin.

4. Write good content

Apart from posting daily to your blog you also need to make sure that your posts are valuable. Something that will benefit the reader.

This is straight forward. If your content contains nothing but waffle, even if you post twice a day for the next year, you won’t get many returning visitors.

Think about what reasons you personally have for re-visiting a blog. It’s because of the content right? So how do you make sure that you can write good content every day?

You write good content everyday by doing research on websites such as Technorati and Digg. You search for topics using these websites and find whatever relevant information there is. There should be enough information for you to blog about for many years.

Look at blog posts and re-write them in your own words adding your own comments. You can also search for related articles using EzineArticles and republish them on your blog and add your own comments. Remember to attach the author’s resource box to the bottom of their article though.

Content is what drives people to your blog. The better your content is, the more visitors you’ll eventually receive.

article marketing

5. Use article marketing to market your blog

Aside from posting to your blog you also need to market your blog. Article marketing is one of the most effective and cost free ways to market your blog or website.

Re-write some of the posts on your blog and turn it into an article. Submit these articles to ezine directories and ezine publishers so that they are distributed to a wide audience.

Writing articles build backlinks to your blog and also markets you as an expert in your niche. If you blog regularly then you can write articles. With these two chores done effectively, you’re almost guaranteed to get hundreds of targeted traffic to your blog daily.

Nevertheless, you must know how to write and market your articles. Don’t jump into this task without knowing how to do it properly. You’ll be wasting your time. Many people have given up on article marketing because it didn’t generate targeted visitors for them.

You can download the book Article Marketing Strategies by subscribing to the Traffic Beast newsletter at

The ebook details step by step on how to write every part of your article and 10 strategies on how to market your articles to generate targeted traffic.

increase web traffic

6. Other ways to market your blog

Whenever you have time, do something to market your blog. Here are some ideas:

– Have a signature mentioning your blog with every email you send

– Socialize in websites such as Digg, Twitter and Facebook. Tell people about what you’re doing.

– Post to forums and mention your blog in your signature

– Ask other blog owners if you can write a post for them as a guest. You’ll leverage their audience and they get free content from you. A win-win sitatuation.

I’ve done this with Sheryl Polkma from Black Spider Blog. See the quality of the guest post I’ve made at her blog with the post Typical Day of An Internet Marketer.

– Write a free report. This can be 10-15 pages from posts from your blog. Make it into a free report and let people pass it around. In the report mention your blog.

– Create a video and submit it to video sites. Tell people what your blog is about and the free report you’ve written. Put a watermark on the video with the URL of your blog so that people know where to find more information.

– Write a press release and submit it to places like:

This will bring targeted traffic to your blog and build valuable back links which will help you in the search engine rankings.

These techniques are discussed in more detail in the book Article Marketing Strategies which you can download from

Monetizing Your Blog

Once your blog has traffic, you can begin to make money from it. Here are 3 of the best ways to make money online with your blog:

1. Sell advertisement. Tell people how much traffic you are receiving daily and sell them advertisement such as a banner or a text link.

2. In your blog posts, recommend affiliate products or your own products. Once you have regular readers reading your stuff, they’ll trust your recommendation more.

3. Offer to do reviews of websites on your blog. People will pay you do look at their website and write about it. It gives them free exposure on your blog and if your review is good, they’ve gained social proof.

Always make it clear that because they have paid you for the review, you won’t be biased. If it’s full of crap, then say it. It’s not worth pissing off your visitors for a few hundred bucks.


Before you shout “I cannot make money online with my blog”, do all of the above. You’re almost guaranteed success. However, blogging is not a quick, instant way to make money online. Hard work and consistency are essential ingredients to make money online with your blog..

How You Can Improve Google Ranking

How You Can Improve Google Ranking

improvegooglerankingHow to improve Google ranking is sought by almost all online entrepreneurs. Any online business owner will know that ranking high in the mother of all search engines Google, will bring them an avalanche of traffic.

And if their products are good and sales messages are enticing, it translates to an insane number of sales for the online entrepreneur.

So how do you make sure you are ranked high in Google?

How You Can Improve Google Ranking

1. Create a blog. This is a necessity. Google loves blogs. Get your self a WordPress blog installed on your domain now. If you’re using cpanel for your webhost, use the Fantastico feature to easily install WordPress.

2. Search for keywords relevant to your niche. Use the free tools and also

Find the keywords using the tools and decide which ones you want to concentrate on. You must do [tag-tec]keyword research[/tag-tec] before you create content. The whole point of creating valuable content is to rank high on the search engines so that people can easily find you.

3. With your keywords, put them into your content. But make sure the content is readable and interesting when read by a human being.

4. Place your keywords in the beginning of your title, header and content, if possible. Again, do this if you can but make sure your content doesn’t sound strange. If you have lots of words in a page of content, put sub headings in them. Make sure that the subheadings contain your keyword phrases and are bolded. Google also takes note of these placements and it will help you in the search engine rankings.

5. Create lots of content. This includes posting to your blog every day. The [tag-tec]Google search engine[/tag-tec] will spider your blog daily if it finds that you have regular new content posted. The more content you have, the more chances of your website or blog being found.

You may be ranked for keywords that you have never thought of. So the more content you create the more you know about what keywords people are using to find your website.

improve google ranking

6. Link to posts internally on your blog. For example, link to a post you did previously. This will help your website in getting spidered by Google not just to the main page but to other relevant pages of content as well.

7. Place anchor text when possible. For example Improve Google Ranking is an anchor text. It points to this post. This will tell Google that the keywords are related to that particular web page. Therefore Google will consider that page important for that keyword.

8. Get anchor text whenever you can and who ever you can. This will apply now and in the future. It is one of the most reliable ways to improve [tag-tec]Google ranking[/tag-tec].

9. The more people that link to your website with anchor text or any other normal link, Google will see that your web page is relevant. So get out and make friends with other online webmasters/entrepreneurs. Ask if they can link to your website with anchor text.

You should also give anchor text links to good websites that are related to your niche. Don’t worry about losing link juice or Google Pagerank by doing this. It doesn’t work like that. If your website has great content, surely it will have links to other great content websites as well. After all, the whole aim of search engines is to help the surfer find whatever relevant information he is looking for.

Additionally create articles and submit them to directories. When your articles are published, you’ll get a one-way anchor text to your website. For more information on writing and [tag-tec]marketing articles[/tag-tec], download a free copy of Article Marketing Strategies at

10. Keep on doing this throughout your online business life span.

Having links going to your website is important. Especially if it is from authority sites which Google favors. You also need to link to relevant websites in your niche. This is what a normal website should be like. There is no need to get links from websites which are unrelated to your niche.

Everyone knows that [tag-tec]Google’s search engine algorithms[/tag-tec] change regularly. So what works now will not work in future. However, this only applies to black hat techniques. If you search engine optimize your website properly, it will rarely get penalized by the Google search engine or with any search engines.

google ranking

Search Engine Optimization Secret

To end this post, here is the secret of how to rank well in Google. This search engine god wants to bring up relevant search results for its users. This is why we won’t get results when searching in Google, that is totally unrelated.

So if you own Google, how would you know what website to place with certain keyword phrases and how can you judge which websites should be ranked first? Whenever you do something to your website which you think will help in search engine rankings, think about this. Don’t try and lie to Google or find a way round its system. It’s impossible. Play by the rules and you’ll kick butt.

Remember, all Google cares about is helping the people who use their search engine find all the great content they are looking for. So go out and help Google to achieve this.

Blogs Worth Bookmarking

blogsSome readers have voiced that they are interested in what blogs I read. Well, I’m an internet marketer and I’m very focused when I work. I believe that if you’re in a business to succeed, you have to go at it full throttle. That’ s why all the blogs I read are on internet marketing.

Some here are my Google bookmarks of blogs I regularly read.

1. David Garfinkel

2. Michel Fortin

3. Underground Confessions Of An Internet Marketin…

4. CopyBlogger

5. Frank Kern’s Mass Control Blog

6. Michael Masterson’s Blog


8. Perry Marshall

9. John Carlton’s Big Damn Blog

10. DTAlpha Talkback

11. Internet Marketing Company Blog

12. Internet Business Coaching by Terry Dean

13. Willie Crawford

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t read all these blogs daily. Whenever I have spare time, I just visit one of the [tag-self]blogs[/tag-self] and spend around 15 minutes readying them. Some of them I don’t visit for 2 -3 weeks.

What does this list tell you?

1. The blogs are updated regularly. I personally want to read the latest on what they have to write about. Is your blog updated everyday?

2. Read some of the posts on each blog. Notice the quality of their posts and how they write.

3. Look at the blog themes. Ask yourself which one you particularly like and get one for yourself.

4. You can go deeper by looking at the blogs they link to. Ask yourself why are they linking to those blogs.

5. The lengths of their posts. Not all the posts are long. But if you notice they don’t put crap on their blogs.

6. Look at what plugins they have installed. These are successful marketers. Imitate them.

Now go and study from the best.

Massive Traffic Through Viral Marketing

viral trafficOne of the most often overlooked methods for acquiring traffic to your website is through viral marketing.  This is a method that has been used for quite some time but it is often shrouded in mystery to some degree or another.

The fact of the matter is, it’s not all that difficult to understand and grasp the concepts behind viral marketing in order to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website.  All that is really needed is an idea and for you to follow through on that idea.

If it works out, you would be surprised at the avalanche of traffic you will receive.  If it doesn’t work out, you need to try again until it does.

There are several different types of viral marketing that you can use but two of the most popular are video marketing and free downloadable products.  Either of these can create quite a buzz for your particular website if they’re done properly.  Let’s take a look at each of these types of viral marketing independently and see what they can do for our business.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a very effective way of receiving viral traffic to your website.  The most important part about this type of marketing, however, is actually coming up with the concept for your video that people would be interested in.

If they’re not interested in what you’re offering, it’ll be very difficult for you to receive traffic that is viral in nature.  By putting up something that is either humorous, controversial or thought-provoking, you’ll be encouraging people to pass the video onto their friends naturally.

Include a link back to your website that is prominently displayed in the video and you would be surprised with the amount of traffic that you’ll receive from it. Start thinking of something humorous and controversial related to your niche in the next few days and create a video of it.

Freely Downloadable Products

The freely downloadable products, such as e-books, are one of the easiest ways to start a viral marketing campaign.  As long as these e-books are very focused on exactly what your niche is about, it’ll be easy to get people to download them.

Of course, you have to offer them for free in order to experience the full value of the viral process.  Once people download these products they’ll do one of several things if the information is good enough.

They’ll either pass it on to their friends and colleagues or they’ll tell people where to come download it for themselves.

If you have links in the e-book that are pointed at your website, you will receive a lot of traffic by using this popular method. This is what I’ve done with Article Marketing Strategies.

Web Traffic – Are You Ready?

web trafficWeb traffic is the dream goal of every internet marketer. The success of any website depends on the traffic. But the one thing internet marketers forget is are they ready for the traffic?

To answer this question, you need to know what your goal is for the visitors. Only answering this question are you then ready for the avalanche of traffic you’re hoping for.

There are basically 4 reasons why you want web traffic:

1. To build a list of prospects who are interested in what you have to offer. You will sell to this list later on.

2. To purchase your products or affiliate products so that you can make a profit.

3. To test the response of a product which is not ready to launch yet

4. To test your pay per click ads such as Adsense

For points 3 and 4, you can generate web traffic using Pay Per Clicks, such as Adwords. This is a fast and easy way to generate web traffic. The visitors you get are very targeted (it depends of course on how well you’ve crafted the ad).

If your reasons for the web traffic are for points 1 and 2 then you need to check if you’re ready for the web traffic. Going through this checklist will not put your targeted traffic to waste.

Checklist For An Onslaught Of Traffic

1. Do you have the autoresponder lists setup correctly to capture the email addresses?

If you’re driving traffic from different sources such as JV partners, you’ll need to have different autoresponder lists for each individual partner. With these lists, you can see which partner has brought you the most signups, customers etc… and you can easily compensate or show your gratitude to them based on the figures.

All JV partners love to know how well they did for a promotion. Telling them how many double opted signups you got will make you look very professional.

2. Are your autoresponder messages setup correctly?

Once people sign up to your list from your website, you need to make sure that the email series you start sending to them are free of errors and are valuable enough for them to stay on your list.

Many times people make the error of only have the first autoresponder message and nothing else. They occasionally send an email broadcast, but when they are too busy, the list of new prospects turn cold. They have wasted the web traffic they so hard tried to generate.

Make sure you have enough autoresponder emails ready to warm up your list and provide good content for them. Having a month’s worth of follow up messages is ideal.

3. Your ‘Email Verification’ page

If you use double opt-in for your signups, you need to make sure that you have an ‘Email Verification’ page setup. When people sign up to your autoresponder such as Aweber from your website’s form, they should be taken to a customized screen that is hosted on your website. Do not use Aweber’s default page.

With your customized page, you need to tell the prospects that they will receive an email with a certain subject line and you also need to tell them what the content of the email will look like.

The point of this ‘Email Verification’ page is to increase the chances of them double opting to your email list. There are many times where we lose subscribers because they didn’t verify opting in as they accidentally deleted the email or thought it was spam. Again, implement this and don’t waste your web traffic.

4. Your ‘Thank You’ page

Finally, your thank you page should be hosted on your website when the person confirms the double optin email. Don’t use Aweber’s default page. You’re leaving money on the table. I’ll tell you why.

With the thank you page, you need to tell the subscriber how much you appreciate them for signing up to your list. They’ve taken the actions so giving them a response improves the relationship. You have interacted with them.

On your thank you page, tell them that you have a product that you found interesting and think it can help them. Here you will promote your own product or recommend an affiliate product.

The subscriber has read your content on the website, signed up to your list and confirmed by clicking on an email that they want to be on your list. They have taken 3 actions to receive your information. If you offer them something valuable which is related to what they have read on your website and it really complements their needs, then you are doing them a service.

Your ‘Thank You’ page is a goldmine and many people are not using this. You’re building interaction with your prospects, offering them good advice and making a profit at the same time.

Go through this checklist first before you begin driving targeted web traffic to your websites. Otherwise there’s no point in generating web traffic.