Article Marketing – Why Research Is Essential

Article marketing is blindly done by a lot of people who just write articles on topics they know about and hope for the best. But have you done the necessary research for writing your articles?

Article writers generally skip the step of researching – which is the most important part of article marketing.

There are 2 types of research you need to do.

Keyword Research

When you write an article, you would want it to appear in the search engine listings with keywords that are relevant to the topic of your article.

If you are selling second hand cars in Florida, then you should research on keywords to write about. For keyword research I use WordTracker and Google’s Free Keyword Tool.

You should look for keywords that are not too general and contain 2 or more keywords. For example, “second hand cars in Florida”.

If you are targeting for the phrase “second hand cars” then your article would go missing in the search engines. There is too much competition for the phrase and it is not targeted. You want to target the audience who wants to buy cars in Florida.

With a list of these long tail keywords, make sure they are getting searched and competition is not too aggressive.  Then put these keywords into your article title if possible, beginning of your article content, somewhere in the middle and near the end as well.

The key is to try and place these keywords into your article without making the article sound awkward.

Write different articles for each long tail keyword you find and then check your results. Write more articles on the long tail keywords that are  giving you the traffic.

With this research part done, your article will be published in the article directories plus it has a chance of being found in the search engine results.

Topic Research

The last research you should do is topic research for your article marketing. Article directories contain a goldmine of information. You can see what topics articles are mostly written about and the number of views for each article.

If a certain topic is regularly written on, and has lots of views, you can be sure that it has demand. So write your articles on topics which people want to read about.

Don’t try and re-invent the wheel by writing about something which other people hasn’t written before. Article directories are practically screaming at you, telling you what you should write about.

Article marketing is an art. The more you write, the better you become at it. You just need to be pointed in the right direction to start developing this art.  To learn the essentials on article marketing make sure you download my book Article Marketing Strategies and carry out the steps.

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