Article Marketing – Top 7 Reasons The Articles You Write Suck

If you’ve been working on Article Marketing for any length of time then you’ll no doubt would have read up on the topic with a lot of ebooks, forum postings and articles.

Every dude tells you it works. But it doesn’t in your case and you think you’re being lied to. Yes, everyone’s lying out there and you fell for it.

But seriously, have you asked yourself that the reason is probably because the articles you write suck?

It might actually be that [tag-tec]article marketing[/tag-tec] works, but your writing skills are crap. And not it’s hard for people to accept that.

Well I’ve complied a list of things that crappy articles have and you can go through this list and see if you meet any of the criterias of having writing crap articles.

Top 7 Reasons Your Article Marketing Suck

1. Your topic is not what the reader wants to read. They don’t really care about what you have to say in about that particular topic. Have you checked if the topic you’re writing about is hot?

Say that you’re writing on the niche, internet marketing and your topic is “Why is building a list important in internet marketing”. Not many people will click to read your article.

The reason? Every Tom, Dick and Harry who have been studying Internet Marketing will know how important it is to build a list.

You’re writing something which nearly everyone knows about. You’ll probably get a few clicks from beginners but the traffic is minimum.

You need to visit forums, read blogs, visit social news on your niche, etc… and see what the market is interested in.

2. Your article title sucks badly. I’ve written in depth about this in my post How To Write An Incredible Article Title.

Basically, your article title is the most important part of your article marketing campaign. You need to make sure that you’ve written an incredible article title before you publish your article. Otherwise, you might as well scrap the whole thing and save your time.

3. Your article is not search engine optimized, therefore not many people can find it on the search engines when they are searching.

You’ve written an article, and you’ve submitted it to [tag-tec]article directories[/tag-tec] and hopefully some ezine publishers have republished your article as well.

But what about traffic from the search engines?

If you’ve done the right keyword research with your articles, some of them should be ranking well in the search engines which would generate a lot of traffic for you.

4. Your article is boring as hell. Not much more explaining is needed here.

Just remember that articles you write are for human beings. And us human beings like to learn but we love to be entertained.

So if reading your article makes us learn something and it entertains us…you’ve succeeded.

5. You’ve written a few articles and expect shit loads of traffic.

No, no, no. Article marketing works in the sense that it generates targeted traffic. The web traffic generated is even more targeted than people who find you on search engines and pay per click campaigns.

But Article Marketing is a slow process. Some of your articles will be a hit. Some will nose dive. It’s a fact and you have to accept it.

Article Marketing is a numbers game. As long as you are following the right steps and consistently write new articles, there is no way that you won’t get an avalanche of traffic. It just needs time.

It’s like rolling a dice 10 times. You haven’t got a Six and think it’s impossible to roll a Six and you give up.

6. You’ve created a dead resource box.

I’ve written about this in depth in my article marketing book. One of the best articles I’ve read on this topic is by Chris Knight of EzineArticles – The Perfect Author Resource Box

Basically, the most important thing with an article is the resource box. It is where you get your clicks. So spend a lot of time creating a kick ass resource box.

7. You foolishly submit and forget about your article. You have not marketed your article and expect people to read it. I mentioned 10 marketing strategies you can use to market your articles in the book Article Marketing Strategies. Download and read the book and take action.

Many people do the article writing, but they don’t do the article marketing. Now that is the secret of article marketing.

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  1. Excellent advice, and an attention-grabbing title! Good job!

    As the owner of, I try to educate everyone I talk to about how to use Article Marketing to their best advantage. I would VERY much like to share this page with them, if you have no objections. I will be posting a link, later today, on the front page of Quality Articles to this post, recommending it highly.

    CJ John



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