Article Marketing Ghostwriter Charges $2 Per 500-Word Article

bargainArticle Marketing ghostwriters are in demand. They create content which all internet marketer wants for search engine domination.

If you want to earn money online fast then you can become an article marketing ghostwriter and instantly have someone willing to pay you.

There is a slight problem though. Internet marketers or other people that want articles written, wants to pay a few dollars only per article.

Believe it or not, I’ve just found an article marketing ghostwriter that charges $2 per 500 word article.

I was over the moon.

I quickly gave them some work to test them and held my breath.

Two day later, they delivered all 20 articles. Holy cow, these article ghostwriters are really efficient.


My hopes exploded within 3 minutes. The articles were totally crap. They were stuffed with keywords all over the place – not for humans to read.

It did make me laugh though. “I will offer self improvement advice for you can should listen to heart”. HELP…STOP IT!

Wonder why no one recommends article marketing ghostwriters that are cheap and good?

‘Cause these people are like gold for your business. Want to share your gold?

To learn how to write articles yourseif or to teach your staff, download a copy of Article Marketing Strategies at


  1. Hi Alan,

    Yep, it’s me again the “serial commenter”

    Having read your book “Article Marketing Success” I want to say thanks for offering such strategies up for free. I have bought stuff between $37 and $67 and got same or less information that really is new.

    The strategy on page 44 is cool! Though I have used it before but you explain not just how to use it but also the very important “why”. I am not too proud to say I now know better and will use it a lot more.


    All the best


    PS. If you are reading this and don’t know what I am on about then simply get your own copy of Alan’s “ArticleMarketing Strategies”.

  2. Thanks for sharing Alan

    Is there anyone who doesn’t want a lot of articles at a price that seems like a bargain?

    I have been there before.

    A friend of mine put it this way “You get what you paid for” lol 😉



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