Article Marketing Failures

article marketingArticle marketing is one of the activities where I spent the most of my time on. It’s one of the most rewarding and satisfying thing I do.

Here are 2 of the recent articles I’ve written.—Where-To-Place-Google-AdSense&id=1135516

I enjoy [tag-tec]article marketing[/tag-tec] and I hear too many people failing at it. I’ve spoken to several people who have reported their problems when carrying out the strategies in my ebook Article Marketing Strategies which you can download at

It seems the underlying reason is they hate writing. They do make an effort to learn how to do the techniques but at the end of the day, they hate the task and don’t think it’s worth it.

Note that these are not the ones that say article marketing doesn’t work. They do believe it works but they just don’t like writing.

If they’ve honestly tried to do article marketing and have this hate for it, then I agree don’t do it. Either outsource your article marketing tasks or write an article only when you have a great idea for one or when you have the urge to write one.

The places where you can do the outsourcing are at or These are 2 places where I’ve got decent work from.

Internet marketing is a enjoyable job. Actually everything you do should be enjoyable. Lift is short. Live life to the fullest.

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  1. Article markeitng is AWESOME! People who fail at it just don’t know how to do it properly, plain and simple. If they did, they wouldn’t complain, IT SIMPLY DOMINATES all of the other techniques out there. Thanks for the great tips, bro!


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