Article Marketing – 7 Steps To Create An Incredible Article Title

article marketingArticle Marketing will go a long way for you if you have copywriting skills to create an article title. Considering the article title is the most important part of an article, sometimes people only outsource article titles to copywriters.

Here’s a checklist to help you write an incredible article title so you won’t have to go to that extent with your article marketing.

An Incredible Article Title Consists Of:

1. Your main keyword. We are talking about article titles here, so we need to think about [tag-tec]Search Engine Optimization[/tag-tec] – SEO. Keywords that are in the article title will rank better in the search engines. Even better if the keyword appears at the beginning of an article title.

Eg. <Keyword Title> – Benefits of <Keyword Title>

However, you need to make sure that you can fit the keyword in the title without it sounding strange or out of place. After all, your article title will be read by a human being.

2. Curiosity. If someone is searching for information and your title seems to offer it then they will be curious to open it. The whole point of the article is to make someone curious enough to click on it to read the content.

All of us are curious so putting mysterious benefits will work wonders.
Eg. 10 secret tactics you won’t know about article marketing

3. Specific. Your article needs to be specific so that it sounds believable and full of facts. For example, “How to get 34% increase in sales in less than 56 hours.” Can’t get more specific than that.

4. Swiping Other Emails. These are phrases that you pick up from junk mail and other email promotions. Start adding them to your arsenal of [tag-tec]article marketing[/tag-tec] titles.

Some of the ones I use are:
– How do you…
– The Truth About…
– Secrets of…

5. One clear benefit. Your potential readers are all looking for information that will solve their problems. If your article shows the benefit they’ll receive or what problem you’ll help them solve, then they’ll want to read it.

6. Not too much of a hard sell. Putting words such as the “best membership you can join” will not get you clicks. First of all, it’s obvious you are selling something. Second of all, it sounds too much like a typical salesman pushing hard for a sale – a character not many people like.

No one likes to be sold and people hate hype. So be careful.

7. Boring. You have to make your title interesting. Any signs of boredom or a typical science book sort of title will kill your clicks. So read your title aloud and see if you can make it more interesting.

At the end of the day you are trying to get someone to click on your article title. Look at the article title yourself, and ask yourself if it achieves that. Following the checklist above, you should be able to write very good article titles for your article marketing.

However, note that article marketing contains a lot of techniques that you need to know to make your campaign successful. Writing an effective article title is just one of them. You need to study more on article marketing as it is one of the most effective ways to market online.

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  1. There is no shortcut to article marketing. More articles on more directories means more exposure.words in your title.

  2. Hey there..

    Well I liked your article pretty much .. specially the 7th part .. lol .. Its true actually and dooes works..
    Wel .. sorry to say .. but you are the first one I have ever seen spamming comments on your own blog .. wow lol .. must be a good experience ! lol

    Anyways.. the article was good .. Keep on sharing useful Info with others. Wish you success..

    Moazzam Ahmed



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