How To Install WordPress – Complete How To Guide

install wordpress blog
Wordpress blogs, at the time of writing, is the most popular type of blog installation on the planet. Almost everyone who is slightly technical with creating websites will know how to install WordPress.

WordPress did have a close competitor a few years ago called Movable Type. Nowadays, when you talk about installing a blog, it is assumed that you are talking about a WordPress blog.

WordPress became popular because it’s easy to install, the search engines love them, you can change its appearance easily by installing WordPress themes and it has add-ons (WordPress plugins) which enables you to easily add additional features to a blog.

It wasn’t long before it became a no-brainer to install WordPress as your main website. The following are 2 ways to install WordPress. Both have its benefits and disadvantages.


Internet Marketing Strategies Are Full Of Crap

internet marketing strategies are crapInternet marketing strategies are HOT! There are new internet marketing products being released every day and there are no shortage of buyers. The market’s huge.

But the industry has a bad name. The owners of these internet marketing strategies are labeled scammers, liars and the products are often described as rehashed and full of crap.

Why is this?

If you’ve made some kind effort to make money online then you’ll probably have a hard drive full of products offering the latest internet marketing strategies.

Many people are addicted to buying internet marketing products because they promise you the dream. The goal of making money online while you enjoy life going to the beach, watching TV and going on exotic holidays.

For a newbie trying to make money online, the internet marketing strategies revealed in the ebooks, videos or audios, are exciting as hell. (more…)

SEO For Blogs

seo for blogsSEO for blogs (search engine optimization) consists of 3 parts – Plugins, the content and backlinks.

Combine these 3 and you’ll have a blog that in time, will be highly visible on the search engines and generate a lot of traffic for you.

Plugins and content are internal SEO and getting backlinks are what is considered as external SEO. This post focuses on the internal SEO.

How to do SEO for blogs:

SEO For Blogs – Writing Content

1. Title

The title of your blog post is extremely important. Search engines place a lot of importance on the title which also appears in the Windows title of your post. (more…)

Backlink Building Service – Should You Use One?

backlink building serviceBacklink building service or backlink building software are hugely popular for several reasons:

– increase ranking of your main website in the search engine listings which means more traffic

– easy, set and forget system which requires minimum work

– can generate traffic directly from the backlinks

Who can refuse paying for a backlink building service, watching other people do the hard work and watch your website shoot up the rankings?

But the point is…your backlink building service can eliminate your website from the search engines quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Let me explain… (more…)

Online Product Funnel – Maximizing Your Traffic

online product funnelYour online product funnel is more important than generating traffic. Find that shocking? Hear me out.

Nearly all my students or subscribers who ask me for help, want to know how to generate more traffic. To them, it’s always about traffic.

Often I will reply by asking them where they’re driving the traffic to. The replies are normally, the squeeze page or salesletter.

That’s perfectly fine, however after digging slightly deeper into their business, I realize that they will sell to the visitor once only.

This means that after becoming a customer, the person has nothing else to buy from the product owner!

All the product owner does after getting the customer is: (more…)